Friday, December 26, 2014

help us make christmas tree recycling possible in indy

approximately 33 million real christmas trees are sold in north america each year, according to the u.s. epa. luckily, about 93% of those trees are recycled through more than 4,000 available recycling programs. indianapolis was about to be part of the 7% to not recycle, until... us provide an opportunity for indy residents to recycle/compost christmas trees instead of having them collected by the city curbside and then incinerated. a group of private sector and non-profit partners are coming together to offer this important community service.
Residents are already dumping their Christmas trees at City parks. But, the City isn't collecting trees for recycling this year (they are burning them at the incinerator). So, let's hand onto our trees and drop them off January 2 - 11 at Teachers Treasures parking lot!

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