Thursday, January 20, 2011

indianapolis moving towards sustainability....

did you know that the city of indianapolis has moved into the 21st century and striving to lead the way on environmental sustainability in the midwest? since mayor ballard announced two years ago that he was developing an office of sustainability, many may be wondering what that office is up to. the truth is that the leadership and staff of that office are up to a lot of things that are good for our people, habitats and environment in indy.

when i moved to indianapolis about 24 years ago, there were no bike trails, no food co-ops, no urban garden programs, no green buildings. but, the current political environment is leading to a better natural environment. we still have a ways to go, but as an life long environmentalist who has worked all over the country on sustainability issues, it's great to see this city finally sitting up and taking notice of the benefits of treading more lightly on our earth!